Our Top Mission...

is to help everyone and bring them a better life.

Major Activities done by SEED Foundation:


It has supported for 45 schools for renovations, extra class rooms, repair, necessary furniture and school materials. Free school uniforms are provided for more than 300 students each year .Besides this, it has been supporting eco friendly bio gas installation  for more than 350 families, Being involved in preservation of Begnas and Rupa lake removing water hyacinths plant every year, supported 10 families for rehabilitation, supported 150 families for income generating through goat keeping program , supporting to run elderly people home and doing various activities for awareness  regarding sanitation and personal hygiene in communities

“Don’t destroy unless you can preserve”

1. Awareness programs:
In order to practically eradicate caste discrimination, the SEED Foundation organizes every year a “tea party” in public places inviting all the people from the village.
2. Health Care: SEED Foundation has been helping poor people to get proper medical treatment despite their poor economic condition.

3. Generation of income:

About 42% people are living on extreme poverty in Nepal. Mostly, men are earning for the families and have full control over the earnings. Women are confining at home doing house hold chores and are fully depended on men. In order to empower women and generate income for their own, groups of women are formed. Some of the member of the group were already involved in goat rearing by their own in traditional way with out proper knowledge. 3 days goat keeping management training is given to all members by experts on goat rearing so that the members are able to identify the disease and do proper treatment, provide proper fodders and barns and they are capable of to carry out the goat keeping in professional way. One goat with small lambs have given to each member, each of them have to hand over the same price goat or lambs to other member of new group at the end of two years of the program. The provision of insurance has also been made in case of some casualties. According the interest of the group, goat rearing program is supported by SEED Foundation for 26 women of Lekhnath -11, Kimbesi , started on beginning of 2005. It went very successful. The datas of families shows most of the family got about Rs 5000 extra income from goat rearing supported by our Foundation each year. This group has hand over the goats with lambs of same cost what they have got from the SEED Foundation to other two groups consisting 13 members each of Lekhnath-11, Simaldanda and Eklekuna in 2007. Recently a goat keeping project for income generating at Lekhnath-11, Begnas is just started for 10 women. In 2010 goat exchange program was started for 41 families of Muslim community and in 2011 it is started for 70 families of of Rupakot Village. For this program Onwikkelingswerks Theo kiewiet, Ameland providing fund for SEED Foundation.

4. Sponsor program:
40 girls and boys of poor families are being sponsored for their general education at school from private benefactors fro ten years. As the ten years completed, most of the chidren are in higher education and sponsorship has been stopped. However, 9 small children who are still studying in secondary level are continuously gettingscholarship monthly Rs 400. .

5. School Uniforms and snacks for school Children:

Nepal is developing country and the awareness for education is still should be raised. Most of the children enroll to schools however, regularity and continuation of attending at school is poor. Children from rich and middle class families go to private schools where the quality is reasonable good. At government school, poor families children are sent mostly from Dalits and more than 60% are girls. In poor families, parents have no saving to support their children for uniforms and stationery like note books and pens as they have to struggle hard for their ends meet, moreover their priorities do not go for education of their children. Due to this, the high drop out and irregularities at attending school are seen. In order to motivate and give opportunity to these children to continue their classes at least up to primary level, provision of supporting for school uniforms and stationary is felt necessary at Amar Siddha Namuna Higher Secondary School, Pachbhaiya, Gorakh Nath Primary school, Kimbesi and Bhabisya Bal Bikash Kendra , Ekantakuna and Jyoti Prakash Primary School of Rupakot with snacks and additional teacher as well.

6. School Supporting Program:

Many government-run schools are in poor condition, walls are cracked and tilted, roofs are leaking, class rooms are full of dust and students are forced to sit on the floor due to lack of furniture. In order to improve the situation of those schools and to help creating a better educational environment, a School Supporting Program is being implemented to construct new buildings, do necessary repairs and renovations and supply materials for extra curricular activities and additional furniture according to the requirements. 29 schools have been supported during the year 2004-2006 with the support of Asia Action Ameland. As Nepal is in Earth Quake danger zone, many safety measures have to be followed while constructing new building. Taking concern in this regard, trainings to local people have been given before starting new construction. 5 schools were started in the year 2007 and 6 schools in 2008 applying earth quake resistance technique, in 2009, construction of a hostel for 20 blind students is started and will be completed with in this year. For this new technique Smarter Shelter Foundation, NL is providing necessary techniques and funds. At the beginning of 2011, 3 new class rooms were constructed in Khilang at Stanpati Primary school which were needed for up grading the school up to class 8 because the other nearby schools for secondary level are in 2 hours of walking distance due to this, most of the children were not able to continue their study.This Year in 2012, 5 new class rooms for Gaunfarka secondary school and 2 new rooms for Saraswoti Primary School has been constructed applying earth quake resistant technique.
7. Biogas and toilets:
Since its establishment SEED Foundation has been engaged in the installation of environmentally friendly biogas systems with toilets for poor families. This not only helps to improve their sanitation and provides the kitchens with bio-gas. It also reduces the need to use firewood, preserves the forests around the villages and reduces the smoke production in the kitchens. In 2010 and 2011, SEED Foundation played major role to make Kaski District, Nepal’s First Open Defecation Free Area by supporting and motivating for 3639 toilets and 100 bio gas connected toilets.In 2012, 23 bio gas plants in Thumki, 11 at Hanspur and 16 at Begnas has been installed for 50 families.

8. Lake cleanings:

SEED Foundation is busy controlling the invasive aquatic plant Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) in Begnas and Rupa Lake involving local fishermen. Since the last Eight years it is organizing regular cleaning campaigns in close cooperation with the local fishermen and boatmen. As the cleaning campaign becoming more effective and result oriented, local instituitions are also providing financial assistance.
9. Tree plantations:

With joining hand with the local community forest, SEED Foundation has been organizing tree plantation programs at land slide prone areas to stop soil erosion.

10. Support for old people home:

SEED Foundation has played prominant role to up grade the Radha Krishan Bridaasram ( old people home) by supporting for the completion of the 4 rooms building and providing necessary furniture and beds for 16 old people who are staying in the Bridaasram. From this support these old people are able to get shelter in safe and comfortable building and beds. In order to meet the daily costs for the of Bridaasram, cow farming is planned and more than 300 fodder plants has been planted and cow shed is under construction. For this, Christoph Schwemmer from Swizerland is providing financial assistance.