Main Objectives

The main objectives of the SEED Foundation are:

1)       Giving support on education and healthcare through scholarship and other activities for physically disabled children and children from poor families, and increase public awareness against child labour, child sex abuses, high child mortal rate and premature marriage and try to launch programs to rehabilitate the abused victims.

2)       Our organization will be active in assisting victims of natural disasters and other calamities by providing humanitarian and material support.

3)       Contributing for development and preservation of public and communal properties as schools, health posts, forests, Lakes, water wells and paths.

4)       Increase public awareness about environmental conservation and launch various programs to protect this venerable environment and provide support for the installation of biogas plants and toilets especially for poor families.

5)       Collect assistance to uplift the life standard of poor farmer families providing skillful training for women and running income generating programs such as horticulture, cattle and poultry farming and trade.

6)       The foundation will arrange programs and raise public awareness to battle social vices like discrimination between castes, harmful superstition, gambling, drug addiction and prostitution.