Construction of Earth Quake Resistant Buildings

Due to continuous seismic action combined with inferior construction quality, many school buildings are severely cracked, walls are tilting or have already collapsed. We contribute to improve this situation in the mountain villages of Kaski District in Nepal.

As Nepal is in Earth Quake danger zone, many safety measures have to be followed while constructing new building. Taking concern in this regard, training to local people have been given before starting new construction. 15 schools , a hostel for 20 blind students constructed under earth quake resistant building technique.  For this   Smarter Shelter Foundation, NL was providing necessary techniques, designs and funds. All our buildings survived in the earth quake of 2015 and local people were taking shelter for few days in these buildings as they have witnessed that it was constructed with many safety measures to make it more stronger.

Before we start any project, we identify the real need in the villages that seek our assistance, and we make sure that the villagers fully cooperate with their own project. They are made responsible for the execution process, for the purchase of materials and for hiring the local laborers.

We also expect a certain percentage of People’s Participation, usually around 20 to 30% of the total budget. This contribution is mainly the provision of local materials such as wood and stones, and they can contribute in donating time and labor.

This way, the most important responsibilities remain where they should be; at the root level of the local communities. At the same time the village has ownership of the project, and all villagers have the responsibility towards each other to complete the project and to stay within the budget.