Empowering Local people

Empowering local People

SEED Foundation is empowering local people by providing various useful Skill Development Training to people including adults, women to empower them.

Establishment of Women Empowerment Centre


Women in Nepal are discriminated several times. They are poorer than men with less access to property, income, inheritance and credit and often with little control over the household earnings. They are less educated and more likely to be engaged in non-skilled work rather than in better paid professional, technical and management-related jobs. Though women’s contribution to agricultural production is above 60%, the total land holdings are only 8%. Also most women workers, over 70%, are confined to self employed, unpaid and low wage informal activities. However, only 12% of women are in the civil service and 1.76 % are in the judicial service.

Generally, in the poor families, men use more than 75% of their income for drinking and smoking, so very little comes to the family. With the little money, women are compelled to do all the expenses for the family including the rearing and caring of children. In Pachbhaiya, Women are also facing the same problem as others do and on other hand, as the tourism is growing, no local authentic products are here to offer as a part of the natural scenery. So a training centre is strongly felt necessary to connect the local women in tourism, developing their skills so that local women will have excess for some income and will bring confident and prosperity on them.


SEED Foundation has been working in the fields of Social, Educational and Environmental developments since last decades in various villages of Kaski district. This project involves the construction of a multi-purpose building being built between the two lakes namely Begnas and rupa  to provide local woman with a chance to learn new skills and sell the items they make. A part from this, teaching them new skills such as sewing, knitting, Jewellery making and handicrafts which will give the woman boast up their confidence plus, it will be a means to earn some money for them.

We also hope to use the center to offer free English  and computer lessons for local people. The idea for the center is not only to train local women but also to help women sell the products in the international markets via tourists( those who visit Begnas & Rupa lake).It’s obvious that when people visit new places, they want to buy something new from that place as a souvenirs for their family or friends. This way we can make women encouraged to make the product more beautifully.

From a long term perspective, we hope to see the building become a center for training woman in many different crafts plus become  small sales outlet for locally produced arts, crafts and goods. As the training centre will be made by applying safety measures while constructing, it can be used as temporary rehabilitation centre for local people in case of emergencies. It will be completely run by local people, international volunteers can support to train the local women whenever is needed.


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